What is Outrealm?

Outrealm is a top-down roguelite hack and slash inspired by games such as Risk of Rain and A Link to the Past. It combines traditional top-down hack and slash gameplay with contemporary roguelike mechanics!

Fight across a series of forgotten realms.

Traverse six varied worlds, from rain-drenched highlands to mushroom-filled catacombs. Each realm comes with it's own unique enemies and mechanics.

Build your character.

With eighty different items to be looted at random, you won't know what's coming. Each chest reveals two items, of which only one can be chosen. Strategic item choice is key!

A world's worth of progression.

Outrealm has 21 achievements, seven characters and three difficulties to unlock. Randomly selected items and levels make no two playthroughs the same. There are also Monster and Item logbooks to complete!